Authenticity, Panic and Nerve: Putting Your (insert treasured possession here) Where Your Mouth Is

I am so very grateful to the many fellow professionals and business owners who took the time to review and offer feedback and testimonials for my new book Reversing Burnout – How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners, several of which are provided the link.

In all honesty, my first reaction was a sense of relief that others affirmed my work, followed quickly by “checking the box” of one of the four dozen things I needed to do in the run up to the book launch.  But, as the dust began to settle, and I dug into the planning for the next year, the impact of these testimonials grew.  

This is a portion of one of the testimonials:

“… However, with this important book, you too will discover that Pete has put his money where his mouth – and heart – is by….”.  


This documented “outside view” of me gave me that sudden sense of panic. In that moment, I needed to confirm that my actions and plans were authentic and fully tethered to my foundational goals, and that I hadn’t succumbed to “drift” over the course of writing the book and growing the business.

Authenticity is one of the key elements of the strategic planning-related I.M.P.A.C.T. process I lay out in the book.

Here is an excerpt:

“Authenticity – The Authenticity element is designed to ensure we have the credibility as leaders and organizations to succeed in the new. Authenticity in leadership is critical to success today. Authenticity cannot be manufactured – it is how others see, experience, and trust our actions and intentions. As leaders, our self-awareness and overall level of emotional intelligence are key to being authentic, but – as we covered previously – the reality is as individuals and organizational leaders we, on average, lose emotional intelligence as we succeed in our careers. In a number of cases, an important step in the process will be to re-establish personal and organizational awareness and work to better align or realign brands and platforms to achieve needed levels of authenticity to succeed.”


As we begin and then progress through the new year, I want to be authentic about my “big picture” goals and plans so I can keep them in focus and be held accountable if I drift.  Here they are:



Serve and honor God in all aspects of my life. Not only is this part of the greatest Commandment, it is what I want to be doing when “my number” is ultimately called, and it is the only path that will position me to hear: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you more responsibilities.  Let’s celebrate together!” (Matthew 25:21).  This is both a driver of my heart and a driver of my fear of not fulfilling the plans made for me.


Positively impact lives and transform the American workplace through personal initiatives and ActionsProve, LLC.



Leverage skills, talents, assets, gifts, experiences, and circumstances.  We are all in a place to start to live the life and have the organization we desire – right here, right now.  We know we can – we can feel the possibilities even when we pause for just a moment, and even before we can see the exact path.


Help plan and design systems, pathways, and platforms for individuals and organizations to win, grow, and have their desired impact.  


Develop relevant and actionable content, consult, coach, and speak.



So, now that we are where we are, what are your individual and work-related goals, and are you on track?  

What are the means, strategies, and tactics you will use to advance and accomplish them?  

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you more about the process, the victories, and the challenges of winning at both work and life!  

To your winning,




PS – I invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute conversation HERE. We will walk through the I.M.P.A.C.T. process and I guarantee you will leave the call with a few new ideas and a clearer vision.

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Pete Atherton

About the Author

Pete is the President and Founder of ActionsProve, LLC, author of Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners, and creator of the I.M.P.A.C.T. process.  ActionsProve works with professionals and business owners to create greater growth and profits through more effective employee attraction and retention, impact, and branding.  Prior to founding ActionsProve, and for more than 20 years, Pete was a very successful and accomplished professional engineer.  Pete sold his engineering firm ownership to focus on designing systems for you and your organization to grow and succeed in more relevant and effective ways.  For over a dozen years, Pete has also been serving in multiple capacities in the non-profit sector to achieve both local and global impact, and is a co-founder of the 100 Men Who Care chapter for Knoxville and the 100 Men Who Care chapter for Southern Maine.

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Authenticity, Panic and Nerve – Putting Your (insert treasured possession here) Where Your Mouth Is