The Know-part of ‘Like, Know & Trust’

The most successful relationships – business or otherwise – require participants to ‘like, know and trust’ each other.  Having people ‘like’ or ‘trust’ you is outside of your control, however, we can control sharing appropriate information about ourselves to help people get to know us.  I was very honored to have recently been interviewed for one of Inc. magazine’s top 12 leadership podcasts – Eternal Leadership hosted by John Ramstead and Steve Rieter.  A link to episode 159 is here: Eternal Leadership Podcast Episode 159

Please feel free to share your feedback with me and reach out to talk, or to share this post and our contact information with anyone you think may enjoy.

It’s been an exciting past several months with speaking, consulting, and writing our soon to be completed book entitled ‘Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow!  A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners’.

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The Know-part of ‘Like, Know & Trust’
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