Fast-Start Program

7-weeks to Reversing Burnout and Avoiding It Forever Fast Start Program

Feeling burned-out, disengaged, or like you are missing out is not fun.

Why continue?  

Why wait to:

  • Take control and begin to “master your life”?
  • Become a better leader?
  • Have the full life and career you desire?
  • Position yourself for the impact you were born to have?
  • Love life and work again?

It took me 7 years to understand and reverse my burnout – that’s too long!  

I documented my path in my book Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners.  Now I have developed this 7-week Fast Start Program so you can begin immediately to walk through the process with an expert who has been in your shoes.  

In less than 2 months you will:

  • Understand the Burnout-Disengagement Cycle, your position, and the sources and forces that are contributing.
  • Chart your past and present successes.  Map your work and life seasons, clarify your top goals for each, and think forward to successfully transition into your next.
  • Discover your personal brand and identify any gaps between how you are currently seen and what you want to represent and stand for personally and professionally.
  • Establish a system to “master your time” now and forever.
  • Define what living a full life means to you and any gaps that exist.  
  • Discover the process and find greater purpose and begin to find yours.  
  • Build your action plan to leverage your skills, talents, assets, gifts, experiences, and platforms to achieve your goals… and leave burnout and missing out behind for good.  

Ready to get started and get results?


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