Fast-Start Program

Management Mastery Fast Start Program

We’ve heard and read the statistics:

  • The vast majority of managers are promoted based on their technical skills.
  • Employees most often leave managers, not organizations.
  • The relationship with one’s direct supervisor has a 70-percent variance on employee engagement.


Why leave employee engagement, development, and retention to chance?

Why take the risk on undesired employee turnover and suffer the costs, disruption, and damage to your reputation and culture as a result?

On the flip side, why not create an environment that attracts, engages, develops, and retains your talent as an effective business growth strategy?

Succeeding today as an individual, team, and organization requires more than just good “project“ management.  

To succeed today, we also need to have effective “people” and “mission” management.

We have designed the Management Mastery Fast Start Program to do just that.  

This program will help you and your team:

  • Develop awareness and skills around emotional intelligence needed to perform, as well as attract, engage, develop, and retain talent in the workplace.
  • Develop strategies and tools to connect an organization’s mission, vision, and values with client success and the work.
  • Identify areas of the work, workflow, and the work environment that could be enhanced to improve results.
  • Align priorities and incentives with overall organization and profit and loss (P&L) goals.

Our program can be a stand-alone half or full-day workshop, or be developed as a supplement to your on-going project management training initiatives.  

Leaders… Ensure your effectiveness by setting your management team, employees, and organization up for success:    

  • Help your managers turn projects into opportunities for engagement, growth, and innovation.
  • Help your employees turn their job into a career with greater meaning, purpose, and connection.
  • Help your organization better serve and inspire day-in and day-out.

Contact us today to begin to master your management success.

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